Love & Death

Ebo Taylor- Love and Death

This song seemed very appropriate whilst this flash flood of emotion is overtaking me.

There are times when I look at my little sister and wonder. She is my joy, my heart, my pain, my forgiveness, my mercy, my grace and the truest love that I have ever known.  Her existence is the point where my pain begins, yet it’s a pain that opens me up to the unconditional love that is so talked about, so yearned for, sacred, sacramental like the sap that falls from the hyssop.

Truth can be bitter, truth can be sweet and love is forgiving, even in the most perennial terrains of hurt.

Love and Death intertwined hand in hand. Soulmates for an eternity, they dance. They write a soliloquy.

You are the reason I breathe, you are the reason I take another step. You are like the faceless child I held in my arms, protected and shielded from the shards of glass that came sailing down to cut and make blood bleed from our loins. In my dreams, the visions of the night, a fire burns so hot I feel the mourning of the clouds, puddles of wet evaporating at hasty intervals.

Maybe I was not to fall in love with Yang, the opposite. Maybe that scene I keep replaying over and over again, isn’t the scene that was written for me. The stars write upon my heart and it reads.. You are to be filled with love once you’ve let go of death. Die to your pain, but do not die because of pain.

Shen is Life.


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