In all of our busyness, our running around on floating paths trying to find our way. We seem to have forgotten that this is only temporal. Our time is only temporal.

This disconnection we feel from our true selves, our spirit, our Source of Being leads us to tread invisible paths, hoping, holding on to faiths man-made and Divine descended just so we can feel at home again. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve written about the darkness that exists and permeates Earth, the bitterness, and sadness that we as a collective endure, one created by us. We continually perpetuate the cycle, either searching or inflicting and why? We’ll keep asking questions until they are answered and sometimes unanswered but we are never satisfied.

I’ve always felt the expanse of my being and my relation to the stars. This grandiose eternity, feeling limitless and the only feeling that falls into comparison with such a state is feeling the wind on my skin, the sweet caress, the gentle touch and whispers of a language unknown but familiar. The call of the ocean and the rise and fall of the leaves, the crunching underneath my feet of crumpled autumn leftovers.

Has the sound of water ever brought you tears? Its symphony and harmonic embrace. There is a stillness in just observing, in listening, in nature and that is a stillness that we yearn for, the one that is within but we have simply forgotten how to get back to it. I hear this stillness in the night when everyone’s asleep and the chatter and the noise are quietened. All I hear is the sound of the night. The air, the breeze, the trees, and peace. If peace had a sound, it would be like 3 am, sat by the river and listening to the rhythm of the heart.



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