Welcome to Mama’s Kitchen, founded by myself Danae K. Wellington. I hope that you find something worth sharing, worth thinking about but most importantly something that awakens you to a deeper part of Your Self. Some of the things I post will be of a personal nature and some that are influenced and inspired by other women’s journeys. I will be writing about issues around sexual abuse, domestic abuse and violence, childhood abuse and adult survivors, suicide, depression and mental health, spirituality, Temple well-being, sexuality and lots more. I will be posting events, workshops, literature, quotes, music and other fantastical tools that aids a woman in her empowerment.

To be a survivor of anything sometimes involves periods of suffering in silence and carrying the weight alone. I invite you to to let go of some of that burden, to open up, to resonate and to begin your own journey to finding your wings.

I was 14 years old when I first attempted suicide, 18 years old was the second attempt and then 21 the third. It can be really difficult opening up to people about suicide because there is a massive elephant-in-the-room situation. I find that generally people are afraid of death or afraid even talking about it. Since my last attempt, I can’t say that I’ve sat and spoken in depth about my experiences and what led to it and why. Though I was blessed to have been guided to some very strong women that have helped me along this path, I still feel that I haven’t found that space in which I can offload and put it outside of myself, instead of keeping it in, bottled up and locked away. There is this stigma around anything that stimulates tension and feeling uncomfortable..suicide is one of those things. My aim  is to break that chain, so that people don’t go through it alone. The more we learn to recognize when we are in a situation that triggers that mode of thinking or recognizing when your loved one is at their weakest.. The more strength and confidence we gain in helping ourselves and others.

I come from a history of a variety of abuse towards my body, mind and spirit and accumulated mental health issues which  are the offspring of my experiences, and though working through some of these issues have been painful, and at times it still is, I now see it as a blessing that was simply in disguise.  I’m quite lucky that God had a soft spot for me and brought me back so I can finish what I started, and I believe that God has a soft spot for you too even if and when it doesn’t feel like it …You’re in Transition my love.